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Polypropylene granules (PP)

Polypropylene is a hard thermoplastic polymer used for strength, flexibility, light-weightу and sustainability. We are offering high quality polypropylene granules produced under strict control from proven supplies.


Melt Flow Index (230°C / 2,16 kg): 14–18 g/10 min (ISO 1133)
Density at 23°C: 0,88 – 0,92 g/cm³ (ISO 1183)
Form: granules
Color: natural


Polypropylene serves as a basis for many plastic products all around us:
• Everyday life – toys, kitchen appliances, bowls, pots, buckets, lits,
bins, tables, chairs, carpets, flooring, and so forth are made by polypropylene
• Industry – plastic parts for cars, batteries, ropes, etc.
• Retail – packages, bags, boxes, etc.
• Office – stationary, etc.
• Medicine – laboratory supplies, containers, etc.


5000 kg (on 5 April 2021)