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NW164 Aluminum Miner Rig Case


    This assembled aluminum frame is suitable for mining rigs with 16 GPU’s * (also called graphic cards or video cards), both Nvidia and Sapphire of any model and make.


    = Fully Assembled and ready to use
    = Legs for better ventilation and hygiene
    = Plastic Leg Caps to protect your rig and flooring
    = Power Supply Unit Beds for fast screwless installation
    = Mother Board Silicon Spacers for easy and safe mounting
    = Optimal Size to fit a motherboard, up to 16 GPUs and up to 4 PSUs
    = Holes Made & Screws Included for immediate components mounting
    = Space Saving option to attach several frames one above the other
    = Adjustable Top Rare Profile to fit even largest video cards
    = 100% Aluminium for maximum strength and lightweight
    = Mill Natural Color finish for presentable look
    = Extra Ventilator Fans support option

    We sell our aluminum open–air rig cases worldwide, offering:

    = Same Day or next day dispatch
    = Tracked recorded delivery
    = 14 Days Return policy
    = VAT EU invoice

    Estimated delivery times according to DPD

    UK mainland: 5–6 working days
    Germany, Austria, Hungary, Check Republic: 3–4 working days
    France, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands: 4–5 working days
    Greece, Romania, Macedonia: 2–3 working days
    Other countries: Please, ask

    * This model is also suitable for 15 GPU, 14 GPU or 13 GPU mining rigs.
    It can be modified to fit 17 GPU, 18 GPU or 19 GPU with one, two or three of our add-ons.