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NW62 assembled aluminium rig frame

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    This assembled aluminum mining rig frame is designed to fit 6 GPU’s (also called graphic cards or video cards), both Nvidia and Sapphire of any model and make.


    = Fully Assembled and ready to use
    = Legs for better ventilation and hygiene
    = Plastic Leg Caps to protect your rig and flooring
    = Power Supply Unit Beds for fast screwless installation
    = Mother Board Silicon Spacers for easy and safe mounting
    = Optimal Size to fit a motherboard, up to 6 GPUs and up to 2 PSUs
    = Holes Made & Screws Included for immediate components mounting
    = Space Saving option to attach several frames one above the other
    = Adjustable Top Rare Profile to fit even largest video cards
    = 100% Aluminium for maximum strength and lightweight
    = Mill Natural Color finish for presentable look
    = Extra Ventilator Fans support option

    We sell our aluminum open–air rig cases worldwide, offering:

    = Same Day or next day dispatch
    = Tracked recorded delivery
    = 14 Days Return policy
    = VAT EU invoice

    Estimated delivery times according to DPD

    UK mainland: 5–6 working days
    Germany, Austria, Hungary, Check Republic: 3–4 working days
    France, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands: 4–5 working days
    Greece, Romania, Macedonia: 2–3 working days
    Other countries: Please, ask

    * This model is also suitable for 5 GPU or 4 GPU mining rigs.
    It can be modified to fit 7 GPU with one of our add-ons.