A website is a collection of web pages that might include text, images, audio, video, multimedia and interactive content. Each website is identified with a domain name and is published on a web server which can be own or provided by a hosting company. Websites can serve various aims – there are personal and company websites, commercial and non-profit websites, government websites, etc. A web site can be dedicated to a particular topic or purpose, such as news, education, academic, journal, entertainment, gaming, social networking, file-sharing, email, stock market, business, and so on.

As of 2016, end users can access web pages on a range of devices, including desktop and laptop computers, tablets, smartphones and smart TVs. Hence the demand of dynamic websites with responsive design that react according to the display size by re-arranging their content in order to look good on any device. A dynamic website also changes or customizes itself frequently and automatically. It can display the current state of a dialogue between users, monitor a changing situation, or provide information in some way personalized to the requirements of the individual user. specialists with 10+ years experience develop fully responsive dynamic websites from as low as 175. We can also transform your existing static web pages into a modern technology sleek design website in 1 weak time.

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